A New Paradigm for Women Hit by Covid’s Economic Impact

Covid-19 has sucked for pretty much everyone, in every possible way. We all feel its health effects, the fear and anxiety, and don’t forget the frustration, annoyance and isolation of these long months. For women in particular, though, this horrible pandemic packs a powerful wallop right in the pocketbook. …

Go Ahead and Eat the Avocado Toast … Assuming You’re Doing Everything Right

How many times have you been smugly informed that your generation sucks? To be more specific, that millennials are irresponsible and all financial challenges you face are a result of your foolish addiction to avocado toast. …

For financial decisions, knowing beats guessing

“I’d rather be vaguely right than precisely wrong.” — Keynes

You’re considering a mortgage refi that will free up 100 bucks a month. You are in the process of purchasing some life insurance (finally) and wonder how much to buy. After all, you don’t…

Meredith Moore

Tireless worker. Financial Advisor Guru. Speaker. Writer. Leader. Personal Growth Junkie.

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